Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well MXIT is one of the social networks that teenagers are using. The question is, do they know the disadvantage and the advantages of using it? Some of them know and some don't. We dont know what we are getting ourselves into because there are lot of disadvantage than advantages of using these social networks.

Advantages of using MXIT

To meet new friends. We all need new friends and MXiT is the way of doing it. You envite the person you don’t know, you chat with that person, introduce your self to that person. The person also introduce him/herself, and there you become friends.
To stay in touch with your school friends.
To release stress. Some of us have stress, once one login MXiT and find your friend and tell him/her what is stressing you, the friend will help.
MXiT helps a lot because some companies advertise jobs there. Like if they have bursaries to give away and learnership, they use mxit and also if they want to promote their product, they use mxit.
Disadvantages of using MXiT
Addictiveness - MXiT is very addictive.Once you have it you will always be online, even when you walking on the street, you find yourself online. When one cook, doing house chores, bathing, eating, you find yourself online. Those are the symptoms of addictiveness.
Some teenagers don’t get enough sleep because of MXiT. We sleep late chatting with the friends and boyfriends which is not a good thing because its unhealthy to sleep late and wake up early.
Sharing photos- some users share their nude photos,and they share their photos with a stranger, which is a bad thing because you never know what that person is gonna do with your photo.
You need to be careful when using MXiT because there are lot of data theft when one is online. We should not give/tell our details to strangers, details like our real names, surname, age, gender and our address because we don’t know those people: they might human traffic us. They are dangerous especially to girls/woman. because we woman we are the main victims as compared to men.
Some advice
Keep it real. Invite the people you know. Inviting the people you know is safe because you know who you chatting with and you can share photos.
What i like about mxit is that, before/after you get the invite they tell you to keep real and invite the people we know, but we as the mxiters what we do is that we ignore the rule; we invite strangers, which is a dangerous thing because we give our correct information and the stranger give the wrong information.

my advice to the mxiters is that be carefull, there are lot of bad things happening on mxit like lies. if you want to be safe, dont envite strangers,envite your friends.if you decide to envite strangers,dont give away your details,its the safer way.
my name is anna combo Sebola,i live in a small town,Dieploot, i want to have fun